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What You Need to Know About Rare Diseases Day?
Rare Diseases Day

What You Need to Know About Rare Diseases Day?

European Organisation for Rare Diseases established a day as Rare Diseases Day to raise awareness about rare diseases in human beings.

Rare Disease Day is almost here. Are you wondering what is rare disease day? Well, it is a day that we observe on the last day of February in order to raise awareness for rare diseases. This is done in order to improve treatment options. As a result, people can have access to their treatment. According to Wikipedia European Organisation for Rare Diseases established this day in 2008 to raise awareness for unknown or overlooked illnesses“.

According to this organisation, the treatment for rare diseases is still limited and insufficient.  Also, there are numerous days which represents other individual diseases like AIDS, cancer, de-worming, etc. But, there has been no day for rare diseases which will help people know about them. 2009 was the year when this day got global recognition as the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) reported 200 rare disease patients all around the world.

The Statistics of Rare Diseases:

According to statistics, the report of rare diseases is shocking. Every one in ten Americans has a rare disease. In India, the number is even greater. There are almost 7,000 different types of rare diseases. However, there are not enough medicines or drugs for these diseases. As per reports, the FDA allows a total of 5 drugs out of 21 each year. As a result, only 5% of these diseases have treatment. There is no cure or medicine for the rest of 95%.

Out of these, children are affected by 75% of rare diseases. 30% amongst5 them are likely to die before they even turn five. Yes, it is deeply concerning and disturbing. Few people realise this fact. All these reports are facts that we can use as evidence to bring in cures for rare diseases. We are the best hospital in West Delhi and our aim is to unite people together to bring some treatment for rare diseases.

The Initiatives to Take:

  • Rare diseases are a public issue and people should come together to raise awareness. It is a complex and heterogeneous matter. Therefore, people should have access to scientific knowledge. 
  • You should collect data about rare diseases actively. 
  • Make people aware of the day. 
  • Raise your voice against rare diseases.

These are some fact about rare disease day. One can visit Maggo Hospital who excels in different departments like urology, maternity, etc. We are actively trying to raise more awareness about diseases in India. Check out our website for more information.