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What Do You Need to Know About the Weight Gain During Pregnancy?
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What Do You Need to Know About the Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Weight gain in pregnancy is a very common thing. Here are a few things that you need to know about it and consult a gynecologists in West Delhi. 

Motherhood and the journey from conceiving a baby to becoming a mother is a bliss. It is a dream of many women that gives them immense pleasure when it comes true. The journey of pregnancy is full of ups and downs. A woman’s body goes through a significant amount of changes during these few months.  Gaining weight is one of them. You will see pregnant women bickering about the weight gain every now and then. However, it is absolutely normal during this journey of pregnancy. Always make sure to book the best gynecologists in West Delhi for your appointments. They will treat you with the utmost dedication. Here are some interesting facts that you need to know about weight gain during pregnancy.

Interesting Facts About the Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

  • Every pregnant woman will complain about weight gain during pregnancy. You will either see them fussing about the weight they put on. There are even times when they feel like they did not gain enough weight. However, it is a myth that the absolute weight of the mother is related to the well being of the mother inside her womb. The thing that helps in finding the health of the baby is the BMI or Basal Metabolic Index (taken as a ratio of weight in kg/ height in m2). Consult the best gynecologists in West Delhi for more information.
  • The average BMI of a healthy and normal woman during the start of her pregnancy should be about 20-25 and she should gain around 10-15 kgs over a period of nine months. However, she should gain 50% of this weight during the last trimester of her pregnancy. But, women who have a higher BMI that 20-25 should have a target of not gaining so much weight and the underweight women should try to gain a little more. This will help you protect the baby. Too much or too little weight is bad for the mother and her baby.
  • If you have a BMI which is higher than the normal at the start of your pregnancy then you are more likely to face complications. But, definitely, pregnancy is not the time to go on a diet or lose weight through other procedures. Instead, try and maintain a healthy lifestyle and try having a balanced diet. Also, try and keep the total weight gain in a limit.
  • A lot of women lose some weight during the first trimester of the pregnancy due to no appetite and frequent vomiting. It is very normal and okay until and unless your general health does not worsen. Your urine should not have any ketones. There are also times when the weight gain slows down. There is nothing serious about this.

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