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This World Cancer Day, Let Us Pledge to Make this World Cancer Free

This World Cancer Day, Let Us Pledge to Make this World Cancer Free

World Cancer Day is here and we want to take a pledge where we give rise to a world that is free of cancer. Come, let us join hands and bid adieu to cancer.

4th February is a day where a true bonafide event takes place. Every year on this day millions of people come together to fight against the deadly disease of cancer. We call this day as World Cancer Day. The aim of having a separate day dedicated to cancer is to help raise awareness and educate as many people as possible about this deadly disease. It is an ardent fight to prevent thousands of deaths that can be prevented. Now, let us educate ourselves and the people around us as much as we can.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a group of diseases where there is an abnormal growth of cells. The growth is uncontrollable and it can completely destroy an individual. It can occur in one organ and then spread to the rest of the body. The best hospital in West Delhi is trying every means to get rid of cancer. They treat their patients with the most advanced equipment. Cancer is perhaps the first cause of deaths in this world but as the medical field is progressing, the survival rate is also increasing. 

What is the Cause of Cancer?

Mutations or changes in the DNA can often lead to cancer. The genes inside the DNA has a particular set of instructions on their functions. When there are errors in these instructions, it prevents a cell from functioning normally and as a result, grows uncontrollably giving rise to cancer. Cancer can be of two types: benign or malignant. 

Types of Cancer:

A benign tumour is Cancer which is caught in an early stage and it is not as serious. It does not spread or hampers the functioning of other organs. Rather, it is completely treatable. A private hospital in West Delhi specialises in treating benign cancer. But, they can be quite serious if you leave them untreated. Malignant cancers are quite serious and critical. They can spread all over the body and potentially kill people. These are the type of cancer people die of. If you can diagnose them in an early stage, then there are chances of survival.

What are the Symptoms of Cancer?

  • Sudden Skin changes like the appearance of a mole or changes in an existing mole.
  • An untreatable rash or sore.
  • Change in breast shape, size, texture or nipple area. 
  • A thickening or lump on or under the skin.
  • Hoarseness or a cough that does not go away.
  • Changes in bowel habits.
  • Difficult or painful urination.

What to Avoid?

Although, cancer is unpredictable but still taking small steps can prevent it. Avoid smoking, drinking too much alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, etc.

These are some of the vital information about cancer. Maggo Hospital-one of the best hospitals in Uttam Nagar is pledging to contribute as much as they can to give birth to a cancer-free world.