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The Most Common Urological Problems that Affect Women
urologist in West Delhi

The Most Common Urological Problems that Affect Women

There are many common problems in women as well and that is why it is always a wise choice to visit the urologist in West Delhi.

Whenever the subject of urology is raised our focus and thoughts immediately shift to the urological problems related to men. Yes, there are a lot of common urological issues that affect men, the most popular being prostate cancer, urinary tract infection, or erectile dysfunction. Although urology is the branch of science that deals with female and male urinary tract system and the male reproductive system, there are still many common problems that affect women regularly. Not many of us know about it, but it is best not to ignore it. One must visit a urologist in West Delhi if any of these problems arise.

There are many types of problems that can affect women, and it is not for the general physician to cure it. There are reasons that doctors specialise in a system or organ. It is for the reason that they can treat it better. Chances are the majority of you reading this has faced at least one of these problems before. But, you either ignored it or took some general medicine. If you still have not experienced it, great, but it is very likely to experience it at least once. Let us have a look at the most common urological problems.

The Most Prevalent Urological Problems in Winter:

  • Urinary Incontinence:- It is termed when you have no control over your urinating flow. The accidental or spontaneous discharge of urine is known as continence. Now, some of you are thinking that it is pervasive. However, you should never ignore it. If this condition persists, you must take it to the specialist immediately.
  • Sexual Dysfunctions:- yes, sexual problems are not only for the gynaecologists. Some of them have to do with the urologist too. The symptoms may include little to no interest in sex, not becoming aroused during the activity, painful intercourse, unable to get orgasms, etc. There is nothing to be embarrassed, and it should certainly not be ignored. Several problems can cause them. Get them treated immediately.
  • Interstitial Cystitis:- Insterstitial cystitis, often also known as painful bladder syndrome, and again you should never ignore it. The symptoms include pain in the lower abdomen, pelvis, constant urge to urinate, painful urination. It can become tough to treat if you ignore it.

These are the most common urological disease that affects women. If you are suffering from any one of the above, then visit Maggo Hospital immediately. It is located at Uttam Nagar in West Delhi, and they have the best urologists in Uttam Nagar out of the lot. They treat their patients with the utmost care and attention.