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URO surgery

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URO surgery

URO surgery

The Department of Urology deals with the bladder, kidney, uterus, urethra, prostate and related problems. The department is well equipped with all the Endoscopes.

» Pediatric Urology.

» Management of congenial problems like PUJ obstruction, obstructed megaureter and posterior urethral valves etc.

» Calculous disease

» Malignancies.

» Adult Urology

» Stone Disease Endoscopically by Uretreroscopy and percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy.

» Urethral Stricture.

» Benign Enlargement of prostate. and TUR of prostate.

» Stone disease

» Obstruction

» Malignancies of kidney, ureter, bladder & prostate.

» Urethroplasty

» Diagnosis & treatment of erectile dysfunction

» Male infertility