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Some Points You Need to Know About Kidney Stones
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Some Points You Need to Know About Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are prevalent, and there are things that you need to know about it, as said by a kidney stone surgeon in Uttam Nagar. Read on to know more.

Kidney stones are a very prevalent problem across the globe. Many people suffer from it. According to statistics, 7% of women and 13% of men are likely to suffer from kidney stones. Everyone must be familiar with the term kidney stones, and those who are suffering from it knows how painful it is. The majority of the cases are severe and require surgery. However, with the advancement of medical science, doctors have come up with new processes of removing kidney stones. But, as there is a saying that goes, “prevention is better than cure,” so it is better to be knowledgable about it. The more you know, the better it is. Here is some information about kidney stones by a Kidney stone surgeon in Uttam Nagar, West Delhi. Read on to know more.

What Do You Need to Know About Kidney Stones?

  • It is A very Common Problem: Kidney stones affect millions of men and women every year. Even though it is excruciating, it is not untreatable. If you can diagnose it at an early stage, then even medicine can fix it. It can affect people of all ages.
  • Kidney Stones Come in Different Shapes and Sizes: One misconception about kidney stones is that they are actual stones forming in our kidneys. However, that is not true. Kidney stones are solid crystalline masses that originate in our kidneys. These masses come in different shapes and sizes. If they are small, then medicines can help you pass it out through urine, but if they are comparatively more substantial, you might need surgery. 
  • Pain is A Common Symptom: When you have kidney stones, it is ubiquitous to have severe stomach pain. Almost everyone with kidney stones experiences severe pain. Very minute stones will cause little to no pain as they can pass down easily. But, if you have excessively large rocks, then you may experience critical pain. 
  • It can be Hereditary: According to an article by the Baylor College Of Medicine, kidney stones can be inherited too. If you have a family history of first-degree relatives suffering from stones, then you are at risk too. 
  • Prevention is Always Better than Cure: Kidney stones are painful, and if you want to avoid it, then drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. Have a healthy diet that is low in sodium and have a lot of vegetables.

These are a few things that you need to know about kidney stones. If you are suffering from it, then visit Maggo Hospital as it is the best hospital in West Delhi.