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Protect Your Intimate Areas from this Cold Winters
gynecologist in West Delhi

Protect Your Intimate Areas from this Cold Winters

Winters is the prime time to catch diseases. Know how to protect your intimate areas in the winters from a Gynecologist in West Delhi.

Winters are here! One of the most beautiful seasons that we experience. Since the majority of the time, it remains hot and humid in India; winters are much awaited. It does not get too cold, and the weather remains pleasant. People wait to cherish this season throughout the year. But, no matter how much we love winter, it is also the prime time to catch diseases quite easily. Do you know, especially women, should be cautious about their intimate hygiene? A Gynecologist in West Delhi says, “due to the arid and dry weather, the temperature drops and it is quite important to maintain the body warmth.” Otherwise, it will lead to a growth of bacteria and other microbes in your intimate areas. This can give rise to several unpleasant problems and diseases. That is why it is imperative to maintain your hygiene. Read on to know more.

Tips to Protect Your Intimate Hygiene During Winters:

  • Wear Dry and Clean Undergarments:- The first and foremost rule is to wear clean undergarments. Make sure they are dry and not sweaty. Do not wear the same underwear every day. Clean them often, and do not wear dirty ones. Also, make sure to wipe the area after urinating or taking a bath. Letting sweat or dryness absorb into your undergarments can be a breeding ground for bacterias. You don’t want that! 
  •  Take Care During Your Periods: You should be very careful, especially during periods. Change your sanitary pads or tampons every 4-6 hours. Keeping them on for too long is not good. Come on! Don’t be lazy, and maintain your hygiene. 
  • Do Not Use Soap:– Cleaning your private parts is essential but stay away from soaps and body washes. There are unique products designed just for your vagina, and it helps maintain the right pH level. An imbalance in the pH level can cause a lot of problems.
  • Safe Sex:- You know that safety comes first, right? So, always indulge in safe sex while you’re having intercourse. Stay away from scented lubricants or stuff like that. Practising unsafe sex can be quite risky, and they make you prone to diseases like HIV, syphilis, etc. The simplest way to prevent these is to advising your partner to wear a condom. Better safe than sorry! 
  • Wear Breathable Underwear:- Always wear light, comfortable, and breathable underwear. Make sure they are of good quality. It is better to wear cotton underwear than any other material. Also, you can take your underwear off when you sleep at night. It lets the skin underneath breathe.

These are some steps to maintain your hygiene. If you think there’s any problem, then visit Maggo Hospital immediately. They have the best Gynecologist in West Delhi who will treat you with utmost care and dedication.