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National Deworming Day- An Initiative to Make Every Kid Worm-Free
National Deworming Day

National Deworming Day- An Initiative to Make Every Kid Worm-Free

National Deworming Day is celebrated every year on 10th February. It is an initiative to make every kid worm-free so that they live a healthy life.

People celebrate National Deworming Day every year on 10th February and 10th August. It is an initiative taken by the Government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to make every child in the country free of worms. It helps to treat intestinal worm infection in children between the age of 1-19 years. This is one of the biggest health public health programs that our government took. It helps in reaching a large number of children within a short period. This year, child specialist in West Delhi is taking a larger step to celebrate the national deworming day.

As per the reports given by the World Health Organization (WHO) approximately 250 million children (between the age of 1-14 years) are prone to infections. As a result, kids become extremely weak and sick. It is very important to treat intestinal worms. We commonly call these worms as Soil-Transmitted Helminths (STH). Read this blog to know more information about this.

What is STH?

The helminths or worms which transmit mainly by contamination of soil or faecal matter are STH. The three common worms are roundworm, whipworm and hookworms.

How STH transmits?

STH transmits in different ways and through different paths. Some of them are as stated by child specialist in Uttam Nagar are:

  • Most of the adult worms live in the intestines of the human body for food and survival and produce about thousands of eggs each day.
  • These eggs are passed in the faeces of an infected person.
  • Then an infected people who defecate outside spread worm eggs in the soil.
  • These eggs contaminate the soil and spread infection in several ways like through vegetables, water sources, and through children who play in the soil.
  • STH infections can lead to anaemia, impaired mental and physical & cognitive development, malnutrition, and reduced school participation.

How to Prevent STH Infections?

According to the best hospital in West Delhi, some basic ways in which you can prevent STH are:

  • Using toilets that are hygienic and sanitary.
  • Don’t defecate outdoors.
  • Always wash your hands before eating and after wearing shoes or anything.
  • Wear slippers and shoes whenever possible.
  • Always wash fruits and vegetables properly before cooking.
  • Eat food that is properly cooked.

What Is the Aim of National Deworming Day?

The main aim of this Day is to make all children worm-free between the age of 1-19 years. It helps in properly educating people about worms, infections, the urgent need to deworm and to improve their overall health. Basically, it helps give the children a better quality of life.

This is everything you need to know about National Deworming Day. Visit Maggo Hospital in Uttam Nagar for more information on this