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Let’s Take Women’s Health Seriously this Woman’s Day
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Let’s Take Women’s Health Seriously this Woman’s Day

With Woman’s day approaching, let us take a bow to take women’s health seriously and get treated from the best hospital in Uttam Nagar.

A woman is a daughter, mother, wife, sister, friend and many things. She has the blessing of bringing a new life on this earth. She takes care of everyone else but she often ignores her own health. So, let us take things in our own hands this women’s day and get serious about the health of women in our lives. Let us make sure to get her the right treatment only from the best hospital in Uttam Nagar. 

A woman’s body goes through a lot of transformations and changes throughout her entire lifetime. There are physical changes as well as hormonal changes. As a result, several health issues can arise resulting from gynaecological and urological problems. One may also start encountering these problems during their reproductive years. Visit the best gynecologist in West Delhi to get treatment.

Here are a few such gynaecological and urological problems that can appear at any time:

Uterine Fibroids:-

They are noncancerous growths inside the uterus that mostly appear during childbirth. Also known as leiomyomas or myomas, this ranges in the size of seedlings which is often undetectable by the eye. One may suffer from single or multiple fibroids in which case the uterus expands almost to touch the rib cage.

Irregular Bleeding:-

Bleeding from menstrual periods last only for five days on an average. The blood loss during this time is close to 4 ounces or 8 tablespoons. Some women also experience at least one heavy flow day during this time, which follows lighter flows. While doctors say that is okay for women to bleed heavily up to twice the average amount, when it goes high above the normal range, it is abnormal. This happens when women experience heavy bleeding along with blood clots cramps and irresistible pain.

Yeast Infections:-

These infections occur in the vagina and cause irritation. Every month, almost three to four women complain about this condition once in their lifetime. The treatment is mostly antibacterial lotions and creams and prescription medications.


A very painful disorder, it affects the tissue lining inside the uterus. It also involves the fallopian tubes and ovaries. Rarely does this disorder spread beyond the pelvic region. The displaced endometrial tissues thicken before breaking down and bleeds when the menstrual cycle begins. Adhesions are bands of abnormal fibrous looking tissue which causes the pelvic tissues and the organs around to stick together.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:-

STDs are very common and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Rather, if you ignore them it can worsen. One must then contact the best urologist in West Delhi to avail the fastest and affordable treatment facility.

Visit “Maggo Hospital” which is the best hospital in West Delhi. They have the best team of doctors who will treat you with utmost care and dedication.  Wishing all the women a Happy Women’s Day