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Instructions On Maintaining Public Toilets Hygiene and Staying Safe
urologist in West Delhi

Instructions On Maintaining Public Toilets Hygiene and Staying Safe

The majority of the public gets a urine infection while using public toilets. Here is a guideline by a urologist in West Delhi which will help you use them safely. 

Let us be honest- A public toilet is not the cleanest place on earth. It is quite the opposite. The thought of using public toilets is enough to make us nauseous. Although, we cannot help when nature calls. Obviously, public toilets are meant for public use. But, do you know they are also the breathing ground for bacteria? Using public toilets without staying safe and maintaining proper hygiene is one of the main reasons for urinary tract infection or UTI. A large number of germs grow there on a daily basis. Here is a guideline by a urologist in West Delhi which helps you use the toilet in a safe manner. 

Public Toilet Hygiene:-

Go to the Cleanest One:-

A public washroom usually has more than one stalls. We can all agree that all of them are not the cleanest. So, the first step is to check every stall and see which one is the cleanest. If that is not vacant, then you should wait for the person to leave and go to that one. This is probably the first and basic step you should take. In case you are experiencing any difficulties, then make sure to visit the hospital in West Delhi to get treatment.

Do Not Keep Your things On the Floor:-

The floor of a public toilet is dirtiest among all. Keeping your things like a purse, bottles, mobile, etc on the floor is the worst. Doing this then thousands of bacteria residing on the floor will transmit on your belongings which can be a breeding ground for numerous diseases. If you are with somebody, then handover all of your things to them before entering the washroom. If you are alone then hang it on a hook behind the door. Taking care of small details will go a long way. 

Use Sanitizers:-

This is probably the most important part. You need to keep sanitizers with you. Not just hand-sanitizer but also toilet seat sanitizer spray. You should spray the entire stall with this sanitizing spray. Make sure both your sanitizers have at least 70% of alcohol in them. These kill the germs in the washroom. Also, use hand sanitizer before and after using the washroom. Also, carry seat protectors. Cover the toilet seat with these disposable seat protectors. Discard them immediately after use. You can also use toilet paper to cover the seat. This will ensure complete hygiene and prevent many infections. 

Wrap Your Fingers: 

Let us state the obvious- the flush button on a toilet seat also is very dirty. So, to stay safe, cover your fingers in a tissue paper and use it. 

These are some basic tips to safely use public toilets. If you are experiencing any problem, then visit Maggo Hospital– the best hospital in Uttam Nagar.