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How to Take Care of Your Newborn Baby In Winters?
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How to Take Care of Your Newborn Baby In Winters?

Is it the first winter of your newborn baby? Well, here is the guide of a child specialist in Uttam Nagar which will help you take care of your baby in winters.

Winter is here, and it is going to be difficult, especially for new moms. You ask why? Well, firstly, they became mothers for the first time, and it completely changes their lives. Secondly, it is the early winter of the baby. The sudden drop in temperature may affect the baby’s health.

According to an article on the internet, a paediatrician in new york says that it is essential for new mothers and babies to get fresh air. So staying cooped up in your home along with your baby is not advisable. It is also vital for the baby to get accustomed to the climate. This will help their system adapt to environmental changes. There are some safety precautions that parents should follow when it comes to taking care of a newborn baby in the winters.  Here is a guide from Child Specialist in Uttam Nagar that will help take care of your child in the cold days.

Tips to Take Care of Your New Born:-

  • Layer Up:- It is essential to dress your baby according to the climate. Now, the problem is how you will know what is too cold or too hot for your baby? A child specialist says that if you are comfortable in a jacket then dress your child in a sweater, jacket and blanket. By this way, you will be able to tell how many layers to put on your child. Putting layers will allow your baby to adjust according to the weather.
  • Ditch the Layers Indoors:- The first tips is only applicable when your indoors and there is a cold wind blowing. Don’t dress them up in layers when you are inside the house. As you are going to be inside the house, it may be suffocating and uncomfortable for the baby. They may also sweat, and if the sweat gets absorbed in the layers, the baby might catch a cold and fall sick.
  • Wear A Carrier:- When you are going out, wear your baby with the help of a carrier. The carrier will provide them with extra warmth as well as the heat from your baby will also get transferred to the baby. This will keep them cosy and comfortable. 
  • Be Careful:– If you see your child shivering, or parts of her body is turning pale or red, do not rub that area. It may damage the cold skin even further. Just heat a washcloth and gently tap it on the field.
  • Moisturise: In winters, their skin will get extremely dry. That is why you need to keep them moisturised and hydrated. Wash them once or twice a week in warm water or sponge them.

These are some ways in which you can take care of your newborn baby in the winters. If you see there is any problem arising, then take your child to Maggo Hospital as they have the best Child Specialists in West Delhi.