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How To Deal With Orthopedic Problems in The Winter Season?
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How To Deal With Orthopedic Problems in The Winter Season?

Winters are here, and the majority of people residing in India love the cold season. In India, winters are actually delightful than the greasy, hot, and humid summers. People love dressing up and just feeling the warmth during this time. However, no matter how much we love it, winters always come with a lot of problems. People tend to fall sick during this time a lot. Wherever you go and whomever you meet, you will hear that someone or the other is suffering from some kind of illness. Whether it is common cold, flu or fever- the transition of this weather makes it hard for people to stay healthy. But, the most common form of problem that is orthopedic problems. According to orthopedic surgeons in West Delhi, winter and ortho problems are directly proportional to each other

Especially people with already existing problems like arthritis, joint pains, etc., have a tough time. Researches and data from across the states show that these problems intensify during the colder season. The fall in temperature leads to an increase in such issues. Blood circulation is not as fast as compared to other seasons. As a result, the temperature in our body also drops, and it causes problems like body aches, stiffening of muscles, etc. Read on to know how to take care of these problems during the winter.

What Causes these Problems?

Many factors cause such problems. The possible reasons can be:

  • The fluid which protects our joint thickens during the winter. As a result, the bones become stiff
  • Tissues expand when the temperature in the atmosphere drops. The expansion in tissues forces our joints to stretch, which results in pain.
  • People become less active physically in the winter, and due to this, the body temperature does not warms-up. This results in the deterioration of health.
  • Blood circulation decreases in the winter. Especially in the joints, legs, arms, etc. – blood circulation decreases rapidly, and it increases in the center of the body. As a result, the stiffness and pain in these areas increases.
  • Nerves become more sensitive, and this results in a sensation in the body.

How To Take Care Of This Problem?

There are simple ways in which you can try to control orthopedic problems during the winter. Some of them are:

  • Winters are arid and, it is very important in this dry weather to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fluids.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Include as many seasonal foods as you can.
  • The first and foremost technique is to exercise daily. Exercising is the key to remain healthy. It will warm your body, increase blood circulation, and joint pains will decrease.
  • Put layers of clothes when the temperature drops, and it gets chilly. It will protect you from the cold wind, and keep your body warm.

These are some ways to control winter problems and if your pain persists or gets unbearable, then visit Maggo Hospital. It is the best hospital in West Delhi as they have the best professionals in the country who treats you with the utmost care and dedication