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How Novel Corona (Corona Virus) Is Affecting the Eyes?
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How Novel Corona (Corona Virus) Is Affecting the Eyes?

The recent outbreak of Corona Virus has shocked the entire world. Read this blog to know how the virus is affecting your eyes and how to take precautions.

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has brought down the entire world to their knees. Every individual of this planet is at risk of contracting this famous virus. According to the news channels and reports all over the Internet, the affected keeps on increasing. The origin of this Virus was in China and from there it spread across. This can also affect your eyes. Taking care of your eyes can prevent this outbreak. If you experience any symptoms treat them at an eye hospital in West Delhi. Let us know more about this virus.

What Is CoronaVirus?

A coronavirus is a group of viruses that cause several respiratory illnesses. People refer to it as the COVID-19. Also, this virus is fairly new and there have been no records of previously. The outbreak started in China. For the complete medical and scientific definition visit the website of the World Health Organization.

How CoronaVirus Is Affecting Your Eyes?

The people who are at risk of contracting this virus may also experience symptoms like swollen eyes of conjunctivitis. One can suffer from swollen or inflamed eyelids when there is excess fluid or oedema in the connective tissues that surround the eye. This condition can be painful as well as non-painful and affect both the lower and upper eyelids.     

This infection in the eye can steam from a variety of different reasons, which include eye injury, eye infection, eye trauma, and very common allergies.   At times, swollen eyelids can be a warning for a serious or more potentially threatening eye diseases like orbital cellulitis, ocular herpes or Grave’s disease. This is why eye specialists always recommend their patients to go for eye checkup once every month so that any existing eye condition cannot persist or worsen.   The best hospital in Uttam Nagar treats patients suffering from this condition.

The Symptoms:

The following are the signs and symptoms associated with this condition. These symptoms can also be a result of other disorders other than coronavirus. However, we all know prevention is better than cure. Hence, one should always be careful and observe whether they have the following symptoms:

  • Eye itching or a scratchy sensation in the eye 
  • Photophobia or sensitivity to light 
  • Depending on the extent of swelling, there can be obstructed vision 
  • Redness in the eyelids 
  • Inflammation of the conjunctiva 
  • Discharge from the eyes 
  • Dryness or flakiness 
  • Pain in the swollen areas 

If you want to prevent the risk of getting affecting by this virus then follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Use sanitizers.
  • Cover your eyes and mouth.
  • Avoid getting closer to people with flu.
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose without washing your hands.
  • The mucous membranes are more prone to the transmission of this virus. 

The doctor’s advice ailing patients to avoid contact lenses that minimize the risk of unwanted eye infections. One might need proper treatment. You can avail treatment from “Maggo Hospital”, which is the best hospital in West Delhi. They provide comprehensible solutions to patients suffering from this disease.