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Are Smokers at Higher Risk of Getting Infected with COVID-19?
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Are Smokers at Higher Risk of Getting Infected with COVID-19?

We all know that smoking is injurious to health but does it increase the risk of getting COVID-19? Read this blog to know more about this.

The current scenario of COVID-19 is not getting any better. The number of victims keeps on rising and our motherland is suffering too. This is like a third world war where instead of fighting against foreign countries we are fighting with this deadly virus. Our only weapon is staying at home and the warriors are doctors, healthcare professionals and the patients who are fighting with their lives constantly. Some are winning the battle and some are losing it. That is why it is very necessary to maintain basic safety and follow precautions. In this blog, we will discuss whether smokers or tobacco users are at a higher risk of catching COVID-19. Read this blog to see what the best hospital in West Delhi has to say about it. 

Are Smokers More Vulnerable to this Infection?

  • We all know that smoking is injurious to health. It is written itself on the packets. There have been several demonstrations on how smoking can affect a person and how it has taken many lives. But, it is an addiction and it is almost impossible to give up on addictions. Nothing seems to scare these people who are regular smokers and they are just not willing to quit. So, here we are providing a little piece on how it can affect you dangerously during this pandemic. Hence, the answer to the question “Are Smokers More Vulnerable To This Infection?is a big yes. 
  • Smoking makes you susceptible to various lung diseases, cancers and other major illnesses. Now, it has been proved that it makes you even more prone to catching this infection. The first reason is when you smoke, your fingers and lips are constantly in touch with each other. The cigarette that hits your mouth and hand has come in contact with various other surfaces as well. This easily makes a path for virus transmission. There are high chances that some smokers may already have lung diseases. This means that they have an extremely weak immune system which makes them more sensitive to the virus. Smoking also increases the need for oxygen and the body’s capacity to make proper use of it. This makes you more vulnerable to situations like pneumonia which is an open invitation for the CoronaVirus
  • Any kind of step which is harmful to the respiratory system is a gateway for the virus. This hospital in West Delhi states and urges people to quit smoking and tobacco immediately. Because this time it is not going to affect you only but many other people that have in contact with you. Therefore, it is your duty to be responsible.

Check out the website of Maggo Hospital which is the best hospital in Uttam Nagar for more information. Stay home, stay safe. We are all in this together.