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Foods to Eat and Avoid During Periods: Busting Common Myths

Foods to Eat and Avoid During Periods: Busting Common Myths

There are some foods that you should eat while there are some that you should totally avoid during your periods as said by a gynaecologist in West Delhi.

Periods are painful. Let us just put it that way. It is no less than a war. Bleeding every month for five days straight and cramping is no joke. Hence, experiencing a clump[ of emotions at the same time is justified. However, the symptoms vary from women to women as well as the pain. Some may experience nothing while some cannot get up from the bed. One thing that can help during this time of discomfort is food. However, certain myths surround food consumption during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Hence, to avoid confusion we are providing a list of foods that you can eat and what you need to avoid during your periods as recommended by a gynecologist in West Delhi. Let us have a look at them:

Foods that You Can Eat During Your Periods:

  • If you are constantly nauseous or weak or feel bloated during your periods then you can eat fruits like melons, oranges, and lemons. Melons contain a lot of water and they help you stay hydrated which may help if you feel bloated. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons help in getting rid of nausea. These are absolutely harmless to take during your menstrual cycle. 
  •  Indian vegetables like spinach, beetroot, cabbage are rich in iron and fibre. They help you maintain good blood circulation as well as helps if you feel weak. 
  • If you are not allergic to nuts then consider walnuts and almonds. They are extremely rich in Omega 3S and provides you with a burst of energy. They are also very good for your brain and cardiovascular system. Nuts are the best thing to snack on. 
  • It is also very important that you stay hydrated during this time and drink enough water. You can also consume other beverages like chamomile tea, green tea, fruit juice, etc. It also helps with pain. 
  • Dark-chocolates are known to reduce period cramps. Eat dark chocolates. The plus point is they are delicious as well as healthy and extremely good for maintaining the blood sugar level. Ice-creams also help but eating in moderation is the key. 

Foods to Avoid During Periods:

Periods and pregnancy is quite a similar experience. You crave certain things, you have a ton of hormones blowing your mind off and you experience a sea of emotions. The foods that you avoid during pregnancy you should avoid during your periods as well. This includes alcohol, caffeine, smoking, too much junk food or foods with high sodium content, carbonated drinks, legumes, etc. Use common sense. 

This is a complete guide of foods that you can and you should not eat during your periods. If you are experiencing too much discomfort then visit Maggo Hospital which is the best hospital in West Delhi. They have a team of the most experienced and reputed gynecologists in Uttam Nagar.