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Get Your Deviated Septum Fixed by ENT Specialist in West Delhi
ent specialist in West Delhi

Get Your Deviated Septum Fixed by ENT Specialist in West Delhi

Deviated septum is a problem not many know about. It is important to get them treated by an ent specialist in West Delhi.

Noses are an essential organ for every human being. It is one of the five senses as it gives us the feeling of being able to smell something. Studies say that the human nose can remember up to 50000 different smells in a lifetime. It truly is a superpower, isn’t it? Well, with every blessing comes a boon, and this boon might occur to some people. You might be wondering what we are talking about? Well, we are talking about something called a deviated nasal septum. You should also treat it by an ent specialist in west DelhiRead on to know more about deviated septum, and it’s symptoms. 

What is A Nasal Septum?

A nasal septum is a cartilage wall that separates the nostrils of the nose in two parts. 

What is A Deviating Septum?

The majority of people have a septum, which is slightly asymmetrical. It deviates when the cartilage tilts to one side. 

What Happens When A Deviating Septum Occurs?

Sometimes nothing happens, and there are no symptoms. But, when the deviation is severe, there might be some complications. 

What are the Symptoms of A Deviated Septum?

A severe diverging septum can include many symptoms. One of the symptoms is that it blocks one side of the nose. As the septum tilts on one side, it prevents the passage of airflow. As a result, this causes blockage of the nose. It also creates a dry nose and sometimes leads to nose bleeding. A diverging septum can also trigger existing sinus infections. Most people have a snoring problem because of this same issue. It also causes disturbed sleep. Another severe symptom is it causes breathing issues or breathing difficulty. Other symptoms include headache, irritation or itchiness, etc. 

When Does It Get Critical?

As we discussed above, it is widespread to have a deviated septum. Sometimes, it causes no disturbance, and sometimes it can be quite terrible if you are someone who is experiencing frequent nosebleeds, nose blockage, headache, or any of the symptoms, you need to see the doctor immediately. 

Does It Require Surgery?

Again, a doctor will answer this better. He or she will be best to know whether your septum could be treated with medicines or it needs to be fixed with surgery. Sometimes, the problem is not that critical, and you can live it as it is.

These are some of the questions you need to know about deviated septum. If you doubt that you are experiencing any of the above problems, then visit Maggo Hospital in Uttam Nagar. It is one of the best private hospitals in West Delhi.