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The Symptoms and Prevention of Diabetic Retinopathy
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The Symptoms and Prevention of Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of the eyes that should be treated in an eye hospital in West Delhi. Read to know more about it.

One of the most sensitive organs in our system is our pair of eyes. Eyes are the most delicate organs of human bodies. They are sensitive to almost anything and eye complications are very common. One such problem is diabetic retinopathy. It is a complication of the eyes that happens due to diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that happens due to the damage of blood vessels in the retina. The retina is the tissue at the back of our eyes which is sensitive to light. If anyone experiences any discomfort in the eyes, then they should visit an eye hospital in West Delhi immediately to seek treatment.

This condition may be asymptomatic for quite a long period of time because of very minute vision issues. But, if you keep ignoring it then it can eventually lead to complete blindness. That is why you should treat it in the best hospital in West Delhi.

Anyone with type one or type two diabetes can develop this condition. it will even be worse if you are diabetic for a long time and do not keep your blood sugar in check. The condition will begin to deteriorate. 

The Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy:-

In the beginning, one might not experience any symptoms. As it progresses certain symptoms begin to appear. These are: 

  • You will notice floaters in your vision (dark spots or strings).
  • Blurriness.
  • The fluctuation of vision.
  • Colour impairment.
  • Darkness around your sight.
  • Blindness.

Diabetic retinopathy takes both eyes and not only one. 

How to Prevent It?

It is a condition that cannot prevent everything. But, taking proper care of your eye and keeping your blood pressure and sugar in control and not ignoring early symptoms may prevent it. Here is how to get a grip on the disease with diabetes.

  • It is important in life to find a balance between everything. You should start making healthy choices and have only homemade healthy food. Start exercising daily. Even walking for 15-20 regularly will bring a huge difference. It is your responsibility to control your diabetes. Do not skip your medicines, insulin injections, and appointments. 
  • Every diabetic patient should monitor their blood sugar level daily. You need to record the level of sugar in your blood at least twice every day.
  • GHT (glycosylated haemoglobin test) is very crucial for diabetics. The haemoglobin A1C test is also very important. This shows the average level of sugar in your blood for a period of two-three months prior to the test. If it is less than equal to 7% then it is fine.  
  • You also need to take control of your bp and cholesterol. Exercising, a healthy diet, and leading a disciplinary life with proper medicines can help a lot. 
  • Quit any bad habits like smoking, drinking, or tobacco. This simply worsens the condition. 
  • Notice if there are any changes in your vision. If you notice any kind of change be it a simple blurriness, then make an appointment with an ophthalmologist immediately. 
  • If you actively manage your diabetes, then your vision will be fine.

These are some details about diabetic retinopathy. You can visit the best hospital in Uttam Nagar- Maggo Hospital for quality treatment.