Save Yourself From The Alarming Pollution In Delhi

  • November 8, 2019
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ent specialist in west delhi

The latest trending headline in every news portal is that a public health emergency has been declared in Delhi. This is because the air pollution level in Delhi has taken a turn and made its entry in the hazardous ‘severe plus’ category after Diwali. The smog got thicker, and the whole atmosphere went gray. As a result of which alarm bells rang, and the government took a step. The government has shut down schools and industries from operating. It is a health crisis and the citizens of the capital of India should take every preventive measure to keep themselves and their families safe. Here are some suggestions and tips from ent specialist in West Delhi that will help you during this crisis.

Suggestions and Tips From Ent Specialists –

The implications are simple but very important for you to follow. These few tips could save your life. You should not ignore these in any way. Read on to know more.

  • 1.Install an air purifier in your home

The first suggestion is to install an air purifier in your home. No matter what, the air from outside will enter your house somehow, and you need oxygen to survive. That is why you need to install an air purifier. They also get rid of smoke, pollens, other irritants. If you have a dust allergy or any kind of pollen allergy, you need to be very careful during this time. If an air purifier is too expensive for you, then keep your doors and windows closed at any cost. Get some plants that purify air like tulsi, money plant, etc.

  • 2. Don’t go outside unless necessary.

You should try and stay in your home as much as you can. Again, if you have an allergy, then please be home. Remember, health comes first, and nothing will matter if you don’t have your health sorted.  If it is very urgent then wear a surgical mask at all times. Cover your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Do not let the air enter your system.

  • 3. Do Not Burn Anything

The main reason this crisis arose is due to the alarming rate of firecrackers burnt in Diwali. Do not burn any more firecrackers, garbage,  plastics, etc. If the smoke enters your system along with the polluted air, then it may result in a severe health hazard.

  • 4.Drink lots of water

Ent specialists are suggesting to drink plenty of water so that it will flush out toxins, bacteria, and any harmful microbes that have entered your system.

These are some tips given by ent specialists which can keep yourself safe. In case any problem arises, visit Maggoo Hospital. They provide you with the most advanced treatment, and the bill won’t destroy your bank account.

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