Ways to Get Your Eyes Treated From the Eye Hospital

  • August 12, 2019
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eye hospital in west delhi

Eyes are perhaps God’s greatest gift to mankind. Eyes help one to see the beauty of nature. It is thus no surprise that any problem with the eyes makes us rush to the nearest eye care hospital. There is excellent eye hospital in West Delhi where one can go to in case of any problem. Best of services are provided along with good medical advice of some excellent doctors. However, eye care is an integral part of life and there are ways through which one can take care of his eyes by following certain basic rules.

These are not preventions from any major eye diseases or accidents, but these should provide basic care to the eyes to prevent any degenerative processes:

1) No rubbing of the eyes: It is a normal tendency to rub the eyes whenever there may be discomfort or slight irritation. One should prevent at any cost. If there is any kind of foreign object falling into the eyes, one should always avoid rubbing. Instead one needs to splash the eyes with fresh water as a remedy. As we rub our eyes, there are chances that the objects get all the more inserted into the soft tissues of the eyes. But if the water is splash instead, it washes out the object instead of inserting it inside further. Also whenever eyes are rubbed with hands, germs present in our fingers get transferred into the eyes, increasing the chances of having an infection.

2) Protection of eyes from direct light: Exposure to harsh sunlight and UV rays regularly can cause an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration. Thus, to avoid direct rays of the sun harming the eyes, it is important to protect the eyes with sunglasses. Sunglasses are more of a necessity than a mere style statement alone.

3) To stay hydrated: Water is a necessary requirement of the body including the eyes. It is thus important to remain hydrated. Lack of water in the body causes dehydration of the eyes too and may result in irritation.

4) Adequate lighting of the room: One of the prime causes of vision related problem is the lack of adequate lighting of the room. If the room does not receive adequate light, then it ,causes eye-strain. In the long run it may cause many eyes problems.

5) Safe distance from light-emitting gadgets: Gadgets which emit some kind of light like laptops, monitors ethe tc must be adequately keep at a safe distance from line of vision. This is how to prevent light from gadgets to directly hitting the eyes and thus causing damage. It is thus advisable to maintain a recommended safe distance away from electronic gadgets.

6) Following 20 rule: A way to keep the eyes safe is to follow the rule of 20. Every 20 minutes the eyes should be off the monitor. It sthe hould focus on an object which is 20 feet away. In order to prevent strain of the eyes and dryness, the eyes must be blink atleast 20 times.

7) Proper sleep: Sleep is very vital for the eyes becausthe e every rest hour is rest for the eyes too. A sleepless night is always evident with dark circle under the eyes. Lack of sleep causes eyes to strain. Sleep providesa time to the eyes to replenish and recover.

These are the basic requirements to give healthy life to eyes and vision.

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