Ask These 10 Questions On The Next Visit To Your Gynecologist

  • November 5, 2019
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Gynecologist appointments are the most awkward visits in life. If you are someone who has hit puberty, then you have gone to the gynecologist at least once in your life, and if you have not, then you need to make an immediate appointment. It is essential to have a gynecologist and make yearly appointments too. Well, visiting a gynecologist in West Delhi can be quite intimidating. You don’t know what questions to ask and how to reply. Fret not, here is a list of ten questions that you need to ask your doctor on the next visit.  Read on to know more.

10 Important Questions To Ask Your Gynecologist-

If you are visiting a gynecologist, then chances are you have some intimate problems. Well, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward it is, there are things you need to know. So, it is better if you are already prepared with bundles of questions to ask. Don’t worry; your doctor won’t get annoyed as it is their job and they will do everything possible to make you comfortable. Here are the questions that you need to ask.

  • 1. What is the kind of birth control pill appropriate for you?

Let’s get honest; this is quite an important question. Regardless if you are already on birth control or not, this is a vital topic to discuss with your doctor.

  • 2. Is it normal to have period cramps?

Well, we know for a fact that it is normal to have cramps, but sometimes it may not be normal. So, better get to discuss it with your doctor.

  • 3.What and How Much Should a Normal Discharge Look Like?

Well, vaginal discharge is again very normal, but then there’s healthy and there are abnormal amounts. You need to know the difference between that.

  • 4.What are the symptoms of bacterial or yeast infection?

Every nine out of ten women have been a victim of vaginal infection. If you are unaware of the symptoms, then ask it to your doctor so that you can treat it without any hassle.

  • 5.How To Detect UTI?

Urinary tract infection is again prevalent, and you need to know how you can detect the signs.

  • 6.How To Detect and Self Examine Lumps In The Breast?

Well, all lumps do not mean cancer but you never know the chances. Ask your gynecologist how you can perform a self-exam and detect any kind of lumps in your breast.

  • 7.When is the best time to get pregnant and when it is not the time?

If you are planning to have a baby, then ask your doctor when it is the best time to conceive.

  • 8.What is the correct way to clean your intimate area?

Well, vaginas are kind of self-cleaning, but if you want to clean it, even more, you need to know what is the right way to do it.

  • 9.What should you do during PMS?

Well, sometimes chocolates and ice-creams aren’t enough and if you have intense symptoms, better consult the doctor.

  • 10.What tests are necessary?

Well, it is not necessary that your doctor will recommend you to get some tests done every time but if he does, ask him about the tests.

These are ten important questions that you need to ask your gynecologists. Visit Maggo Hospital for your next appointment. They have the best doctors and services in the city.

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