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Suffering from An Ailment? Get the Correct Treatment Now
best hospital in West Delhi

Suffering from An Ailment? Get the Correct Treatment Now

Getting treated at the best hospital in West Delhi is the option you should choose to cure any ailments. Read to know more about the different services.

One can suffer from a different variety of diseases and disorders. Sometimes they progress over a long period of time while sometimes they appear uninvited. However, when these diseases strike, it is essential that one gets the proper and correct treatment for long term benefits. One can avail the best quality medical services within a modest price range from the private hospital in West Delhi.

This hospital also uses advanced technology in conducting minimally invasive surgeries using the best-equipped medical equipment. Balancing ethics, quality patient care, and professional assistance, the hospital is one of the best in providing multiple specialities with state of art facilities.

Here are the various departments where you can avail the treatments-


The urology department is one of the finest where the doctors provide superior urological and nephrological treatment for both adults and children. The institute carries out treatments like urology, neuro-oncology, robotic surgery, kidney transplant, and dialysis. The specialized team of surgeons administers the leading clinical governance in this field. The machines are optimized for laser procedures, constructive surgeries, renal transplantation, and shockwave lithotripsy. Minimally invasive operations are conducted with extreme precision. They have a team that consists of the best urologists in West Delhi. 

Respiratory Medicine:

A group of qualified doctors treats patients suffering from respiratory disorders. They provide a comprehensive evaluation, as well as consultation, and for a spectrum of diseases like- asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, tuberculosis, occupational lung disease, pulmonary hypertension,  vascular disease, chronic respiratory failure, lung cancer.


This hospital also has the finest gynecologist department that consists of the best gynecologist in West Delhi. They provide professional care to their women with utmost care and dedication.


If one is suffering from skin problems, one can attend the dermatology specialists in the best hospital in West Delhi. They also provide a wide array of treatments like-  Free and paid OPD facility, Special clinics for acne, STD, pre-marital, cosmetics among others. The patients are also given effective counselling.  Surgeries like Electro Cauterization, Cryosurgery, Curetting, Vitiligo punch, Grafting, Skin Biopsies, Dermabrasion, etc.


 This department has an important function to perform in every hospital. Also known as Consultation Liasion Psychiatry, the psychiatrists also function as consultants for surgical and medical units. They have the equipment to treat every disorder and their co-existing troubles like- major psychosis, delirium, neurotic disease, personality problem, secondary anxiety or depression, other unexpected complications. Besides this, they take total care of the patient at that time applying the latest treatment methods. Patients also get good quality, beneficial antidepressants, and counselling as well. They also do drug therapy in this hospital. Patients with addictive disorders are getting the best treatment for maximum relief.


If one’s child is suffering from a long term disease, they can take them for treatment at the speciality hospital at Uttam Nagar. The staff and faculty committed to ensuring the well being of the young patients. Also, doctors have been improving the health of babies and adolescents through years of excellence and research. Some of the top-class services available are-Infusion pumps, D.C Shock Defibrillators, Mechanical Ventilators, central oxygen system with vacuum suction, calibrating units, etc. With a team of the best child specialist in West Delhi, your child is in safe hands.

One can visit “Maggo Hospital” and seek medical attention from the many other departments and get treatment for any kind of ailment. They provide the best treatment in less time and as well as within a modest price rate.